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The Basics - Every Door Direct Mail - what you need to know

Every Door Direct Mail is mail delivered to every postal address in a selected area.  To determine the delivery area, you select 1 or more specific USPS Carrier Routes.  The mail is distributed by the mail delivery person as part of their daily delivery.  Note that the mail is delivered to postal addresses, NOT specific people on the route.  No targeted list of names and addresses is used as in TDM mailings. 

Carrier routes are smaller than zip code areas and careful selection of routes allows choice of a neighborhood where your organization has had success and you can build on word of mouth references. You can concentrate on specific types of neighborhoods rather than on business types.

EDDM postage is usually lower that TDM mailings and there is less mail preparation cost too. 

Who uses EDDM?  Small to large companies and organizations - examples are home and computer repair services, healthcare providers, churches and other nonprofit organizations.  The businesses often include a special limited time offer and many nonprofits announce a special event or activity. Our customers report good results from these mailings and continue them year after year.

What does EDDM mail look like?  A most familiar example is political mailers - large, on sturdy paper, colorful - always flat.

Why is large and colorful important?  So your mailing piece stands out and attracts attention when the recipient sorts through the daily mail.

Is this Targeted Direct Mail? No - that's a different type of Marketing Mail (click on the TDM Basics page for more information).  Ask us to show you the best plan for you - simply ask for a quote or a more general explanation of this topic.  Contact us on line and we'll be happy to help.